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IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is our way of providing our customers with accurate reports for your equipment that captures serial numbers, asset tags, and hard drives directly to a specific unit. That information is then either transferred to a Bill of Sale, or a Certificate of Destruction for any Compliance regulations. Our focus is on two main components. Asset Remarketing and Data Destruction.

Asset Remarketing

When your IT assets are no longer of use to you, we will work with you to preserve the highest possible value of your equipment. We have several programs in place to allow you flexibility in how to use those funds. Some of the ways we work with clients include:

  • Payment directly to the customer
  • Using the funds from remarketing to purchase new product through our distribution channels
  • Charitable donations

Each customer can customize their plan based on their needs. We work with you to make your money work for you

Remarketing of IT Assets

Most of the IT equipment that isn’t of use to you anymore still has great purpose. We either resell products whole without drives or sell for parts to end-users or maintenance companies. The most common items we buy and sell are servers, networking gear, PCs and laptops, telecom, tablets, and cell phones.

Data Destruction

We believe the safest way to ensure that your data is gone is to shred your hard drives. We offer both onsite shredding as well as customer attended shredding at our Rowley warehouse.

Benefits include:

  • Verification of the actual shredding of the drive (if required)
  • Asset based allocation for specific tracking purposes
  • Certificate of Destruction provided for all compliance and legal responsibilities 


Data Destruction Boston MA

Destruction of all Sensitive Data

Alliance Technology Solutions will work with you to come up with a plan that suits your company’s specific needs.

No one wants their data exposed. We do not attach your product to our network. All inventory is done offline, so nothing is compromised.

Simply put, we treat YOUR data, as if it were OUR data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asset Remarketing?

Asset Remarketing is the process of reselling to our network of buyers, equipment you no longer need to help generate income to offset costs on new purchases.

How do you find the value of my assets?

We look at the asset’s useful life, depreciation rate, and salvage value to determine the value of your assets. 

Do you offer data destruction?

Yes, we offer both on-site as well as off-site shredding services with certificates of destruction.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry full general liability, workers comp, and commercial auto policies—furnished upon request.


Call us to schedule an on-site pickup, to receive a quote, or to get answers for any questions you may have—one of our ITAD specialists will promptly assist you.